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If You Rush It, You Ruin It - #6549
Make it a goal to not find your fingerprints on your future. Only one set of prints - God's. See, your involvement could well become interference. Would you let God finish His masterpiece in His time? For He promises in Ecclesiastes, "He makes everything beautiful in it's time." Impatience can, as young cooks often learn, ruin the final result.


"Wait" in the Bible: Psalm 27:13-14
God exists and operates on a different scale than we do. That means that what seems like an eternity to us is just a moment to God. When it seems like God is being slow to act, we're called to wait patiently for God to act in His own time.


"Tarry" in the Bible: Habakkuk 2:3
In this verse in Habakkuk the prophet speaks of the waiting time in between the prophecy and the actual revelation of the prophecy. Sometimes it can seem like it will never come, but we should be aware that when it does, it will tarry for no one.