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Weapons - a Christian perspective
Christians are constantly engaged in warfare, but not of the physical variety. We battle against evil with spiritual weapons, not the physical weapons that the world uses in its wars.


Devotional : World at War
Spiritual warfare is an unpleasant concept, and not one we like to think about or talk about. Nevertheless, it is very real and we need to be equipped to engage the enemy. In this devotional, we examine what spiritual warfare really looks like and what we are called to do to as warriors for Christ.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Fighting it Early - #3808
This is pretty exciting stuff! God can give you supernatural power to destroy fortresses of sin that have been like Satan's mission control center in your life. Now, here comes the strategy for winning spiritually. When it unfolds what this stronghold thing is all about, the Bible talks not about pornography or immoral behavior or anger or bad habits, He talks about our thoughts.