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Wasted Bullets - #6708
Our last resort, usually, is prevailing prayer. The kind when we get on our knees, we confess our total bankruptcy in the situation, we surrender all our schemes, we allow a total Holy Spirit takeover, we invoke the cross and the blood of Christ against our enemy. When you do that, Satan crumbles to his knees. He's rendered powerless by the spiritual kryptonite of fervent prayer.


Never Box With a Shadow - #6705
The enemy loves to have us waste our ammunition on each other so we won't get together to fight him. Hello! He's the real enemy.


Weapon - a Christian perspective
God is often described as a warrior, and here we learn that He wields His weapons against the unjust and the evil.


"No weapon" in the Bible: Isaiah 54:17
No force is enough to defeat God's people while He watches out for them. This passage seems to suggest that God's people will face both danger and verbal abuse, but reassures us that such attacks will not succeed in stopping God's plan.