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Fate in the Bible - a Christian perspective
No matter how they seem to prosper in the short term, wicked man and women will ultimately pay for their sins, in this life or the next.


Job 21:14 - Passage Lookup - New International Version - BibleGateway.com
Job muses about the wicked in this verse. He says that the wicked actively reject God. Through their rejection they are stating that they couldn't care less about God and His ways.


"Wicked" in the Bible: Psalm 73:1-28
This psalm is an extended reflection on the life and values of a wicked person, contrasted with the simple peace that characterizes a follower of God.


Greg Gordon : Warning A Wicked And Perverse Generation
A wicked and perverse generation seeks after a sign. A carnal, lukewarm, lax, unbelieving Church sits back and demands of God the supernatural to give value to His credibility. The spotless bride often looks more like a self-absorbed whore. Dennis E. Green said: “We feast on the...