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Foolish in the BIble: 1 Corinthians 1:27
God often uses unlikely people and means to demonstrate his glory. This verse states that God specifically uses the weak and foolish to trip up the wise and haughty.


Heavy On the Healthy Stuff - #5703
Just like cholesterol, you can't just be against the bad input. You need to be making a conscious, daily effort to load up on God's ideas and attitudes. Jesus said if you clean out one evil spirit and you just leave an empty space there, seven spirits worse will come back and fill that space. So, you have to fill the space in your thinking and your emotions that the dark stuff has been occupying.


"Wise" in the Bible: Proverbs 1:1-6
This introduction to the book of Proverbs establishes that these, Solomon's proverbs, are intended to educate us and point out the way to true wisdom. Young or old, wise or foolish, we grow in spiritual maturity as we follow these adages.


Wisdom for Daily Life: An Interview with Mark DeMoss
Everybody wants wisdom, whether it's for major decisions or for the smaller, daily ones. Nancy welcomes her brother Mark DeMoss as they discuss principles of wisdom, both spiritual and practical.

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Becoming a Woman of Discretion
Join Nancy as she walks through Proverbs 7 to discuss two kinds of women--foolish and wise. She reminds us of the power of our influence and asks penetrating questions that help identify ways we may unknowinly be "tearing down" the lives of those around us.

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