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Amazing stats for how people use the digital media
The world-changing spread of the Web are charted on this interactive world map displaying figures from 1998 to 2008. For more interative maps from Charts Bin on a range of statistical developments, including web users, mobile subscribers, and many social trends.

Christendom is over. Post-Christian evangelism: presentation by Alan Hirsch
Perhaps the biggest challenge to the western church today is the shift in the last 10+ years to a post-Christian context. And people are just not that much into us any more. Alan Hirsch is one of the key leaders helping us to understand this changing context and change our ministry approaches.

Internet usage worldwide and the opportunity for missions to use the Web
Internet World Stats now provide a page with all the world’s countries, along with population, internet users, and internet penetration. Here are their Top 10 languages used online. Check their links and discussion of methodology at the foot of that page. Few analysts seem to calculate language use after the top ten. The only source I know of is Wikipedia’s Top 34 languages listing. Satellite company O3b Networks has linked up with Google and other investors to bring cheaper, high-speed wireless Internet access to areas unlikely to see investments in fiber infrastructure. O3b stands for “other 3 billion”, a reference to the world’s population that still can’t access the Internet. O3b, which is based in UK’s Channel Islands, said construction is under way on 16 satellites that will drop the cost for ISPs and operators to provide Internet access over 3G (third-generation) and WiMax networks. Read more.

Christian ministry response to disaster: David Wilkerson's prophecy of judgment
Without wanting to sound apocalyptic, we know that we live in very uncertain days. One Christian leader has predicted serious inner city problems. Blogs provide a good forum to discuss such issues – here is some very balanced and sensible discussion about his prediction at Monday Morning Insight. It is certainly a very possible scenario – a prolonged recession, unemployment, repossions etc will bear down most on the people at the bottom of the pile, and they will not necessarily react with the patience that newsreel of 30’s soup kitchens seem to suggest. This recession will be likely be harder and longer than anything most of us have seen, and it will take many years to sort out and pay off the mess created by the kindly bankers and their mickey mouse money schemes. Spare a thought for unemployed in Japan, who have to sell nearly everything before being entitled to unemployment benefit.

Lausanne World Pulse February 09 features digital evangelism article
Lausanne World Pulse – a free email newsletter – covers the potential of the Web for evangelism, especially as it relates to cross-cultural missions.

Oral versus Book: communicating with oral communication cultures online for Christian evangelism
The enormous growth in Web access in the non-western world gives us a powerful means of sharing the good news in the 10-40 Window and beyond. It is important to realize that many of these nations and people groups have ‘oral communication cultures’. They do not process information in the same way that you may – who probably had the opportunity of many years of education and are part of an educated ‘book culture’.

Book review: Culture Making - Recovering Our Creative Calling, by Andy Crouch
Crouch is a leading Christian analysist of culture, and in this ground-breaking book explains what culture is, how to understand it, and then how Christians can ‘make culture’. He gives believers tools for cultivating and creating culture by helping us to make sense of the world around us.

Light world in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus tells the crowd gathered to listen to his sermon on the mount that they are the light of the world. He tells them they are like a city on a hill and to not hide their light from those in the darkness.

An Island of Light In a Sea of Darkness - #5724
Are you known as the one to go to, to find unconditional love, to find total truthfulness, kindness in a harsh world? Do they find gentleness when they come to you? Do they find peace in stressful times? Have they heard you pray for them in their moment of need? Do they know you are the place in their world where Jesus can be found?

"Transformed" in the Bible: Romans 12:1-2
The goal of a Christian is to be transformed slowly to better reflect God's grace to the world. This passage cautions us not to try to "fit in" with the world around us, but to seek conformity with God instead.