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Impurity in the Bible - a Christian perspective
There should be no trace of impurity or sin in the Christian life--such things are acts of rebellion against God, and such things bring on God's wrath.

Wrath of God in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul writes that the wrath of heaven is being revealed to all who are wicked and work to suppress the truth. He writes that God has been self-evident throughout history and that those who are inciting the wrath of God should know better.

Wrath in the Bible: Romans 5:9
Chances are you've heard a lot about God's wrath--his righteous anger against sinners. But how do we escape it? God Himself provides a way to escape His just anger: through faith in Jesus Christ.

How can a loving God order people killed? - Faith Facts
In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites coming out of Egypt to take over the land of Canaan and kill all of the inhabitants. Shocking? Capricious? Justice? Take a closer look at the context and decide for yourself.

There is So Much Brutality in the Old Testament!
Jesus comes with a message of love, mercy and peace, while God in the Old Testament demands the destruction of his enemies, destroys cities and floods the earth. Is this even the same God? This article take a close look at these issues; the contrast is not as drastic as it seems.!....