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The Seven Deadly Sins of Student Ministry: Lust
Part 2 John was one of my most devoted volunteers. Not only did he help with my campus ministry, but he was also a full-time youth pastor at one of the big churches in the area.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Student Ministry: Pride
Part 1 “My students” and “my ministry” are expressions of sincere ownership youth workers use. But to whom do your students really belong? Who called you to ministry in the first place? Who truly makes life change possible?

Issues in Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry leaders often feel undervalued, students are under constant pressure, and the ministry itself is sometimes misunderstood as it searches for direction. I asked youth ministry bloggers in hopes of compiling a resource that generates discussion and evaluation of our own ministries.

Review of SYM’s Life Hurts…God Heals
When Simply Youth Ministry decided to put together a curriculum to help hurting students, they thought of everything right down to parental consent forms, adult sponsors, follow-up support groups, and even training for leaders on how to present this material to teenagers.

X-Men: The Last Stand
Many of us have been anxiously waiting for three years for the third and possibly final installment to the X-Men film franchise. This past weekend $107 million worth of fans got their wish. Geek that I am, I was among them.

The DaVinci Code
Moviegoers turned up at the local theater at 10:30 Friday morning. The agents of ten dollar popcorn and soda heists were standing sentry as the moviegoers arrived, popcorn popped and uniforms crisp they waited for a sellout that wouldn’t happen.

Mission: Impossible III
“M:I3” did its best to combine elements of what made episodes I and II strong, namely the conspiracy involving higher-ups at IMF from Ep. I and the “race against time” factor from Ep. II. As to be expected, the action scenes and the tech gadget-y stuff had a high "Ooh" and "Aah" factor. Three words

V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta is the sort of film that should be seen in a group of at least four and at a showing early enough that said group can go out and get coffee afterwards while discussing the finer points of the plot.