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New name in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Isaiah writes that Zion will be given a new name from the mouth of the LORD and that all the other nations will see its righteousness and glory.


Zion - a Christian perspective
Zion--the New Jersualem--is a name often applied to heaven and the kingdom of God. Here, Mount Zion is identified as the place where God sits in rulership over the world.


Bible Concordance :: Zion
A hill in Jerusalem where God's temple was built. Sometimes Zion or Daughter of Zion is used to refer to the whole city of Jerusalem, or to the people of God. Zion came to refer broadly to the place where God will rule over his new creation.


Bible Concordance :: Jerusalem
The most important city in Israel. In Bible times, Jerusalem was the capital and also the place where the temple of God was. Jerusalem is sometimes called "Zion," "City of David" or "City of God.