Classic Sermons on Discipleship from

Reading the Bible“Jesus said, Follow Me (Matt. 4:19; 9:9).” He called us to be, “set apart, challenged, and taught so we see and adhere to the call and mission Christ gives us. The word “disciple” literally means someone who pledges to be a ‘learner.’ Moreover, it is someone who follows another’s teaching, and adheres to it. It is a commitment and a process to undertake the learning, and, as a Christian, a yearning to imitate Jesus!” —from Call to Discipleship at Into Thy Word Ministries

Discipleship is answering the call of Christ in your life. This week, the blog is focusing on providing links to community resources that can help you deepen your walk with Christ. We’d like to start by pointing you towards some sermons from, which has over 14,000 sermons available online!

First, there’s the first sermon from William MacDonald’s “True Discipleship” series. MacDonald’s series is the counterpart to his book of the same name, which “gets to the heart of the biblical definition of discipleship. This is a life-changing series that will challenge you to the core of your being. We need to re-examine our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ in our day, may God have full-hearted disciples that have counted the cost fully and give all to the great calling of discipleship.”

Additionally, there’s a sixteen-part sermon series called “I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ” by Denny Kenaston. Start with the series’ introduction, which defines what a true disciple is. “He challenges youth to shake off the stigma of Generation X and be radical disciples of Jesus.” also has a growing library of video sermons. For example, Leonard Ravenhill’s sermon The Cost of Discipleship focuses on the statistic that “95% of the Christians in America said they were one of two things: Either ‘I am carnal’ (a carnal Christian) or number two ‘I’m a babe in Christ.'” You can find other video sermons by using’s handy advanced search feature to narrow down your results. To search for just audio and video, make sure the “Downloads” box is checked before hitting “search.”

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