Questions Answered by Scibel

Scibel2Increasingly, the debate over science and religion–specifically when it concerns origins–has moved beyond the walls of academia. Christians are being asked some tough questions that demand they explore these issues for themselves.

The ministry of Scibel emerged in 1996 out of a paper researching perceptions of science and Christianity. The group that formed called themselves Christian Students in Science (CSIS). Since then, they changed their name to Scibel, but their beliefs on science and religion have remained the same.

Scibel is based upon the principle that, “mainstream Christian faith and mainstream science are in basic harmony.” If you’re interested in learning more about their ministry, I’d recommend reading their About Us page. They do a thorough job of explaining the foundations for their theology and approach to science.

About four months ago, we covered Scibel’s question and answer section on their site. You can read that here. This crop of essays explore some of the tough questions that face us as we weigh the impact of faith on science and vice versa.

Was there really a literal Adam and Eve

To be a real Christian do I have to take the Bible literally?

Does it make sense to believe in miracles?

Is there any evidence that God exists?

Can any Scientists Today Accept that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

“Today, Scibel helps young adults to think about some of the big questions in life – whether they are Christian or not, students or not, or studying science or not.”

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