Who will mentor the mentors?

The latest Online Pulpit essay is up, and asks an unusual question: if you’re in a leadership position in your church, do you have a mentor?

Most of us might assume that our pastors and leaders “have it together” and don’t need spiritual guidance—but the pressures of leadership mean that your pastor might need a trustworthy mentor or accountability partner even more than the rest of us do:

As pastors and Christ followers…. we know we never outgrow the need for mentors. In every stage of life mentors are vital. Children, young adults, parents, married couples—individuals in literally every stage of life benefit from having a guide along the way. As I have been focusing on this important aspect of ministry the last few months, I have been asking myself the question, How are we ministers and the church doing?

If you’re a pastor who doesn’t have a trustworthy mentor to turn to, read this latest essay by Joan E. Tyvoll and consider the ways such a person might strengthen your ministry.

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