The Super Bowl and Church

footballSteve from Sports Spectrum points out a recent NFL ruling on churches showing the Super Bowl. You can read ESPN’s article here.

From Steve:

Due to pressure from politicians echoing their constituents’ outcry, the NFL has relented on their banning of big screen Super Bowl showings at church and ministry outreach parties. Families and those uncomfortable with sports bars/restaurants–as well as churches and outreach ministries–were left to abandon their plans to gather groups for viewing the big game. This was even after they had purchased a big-group-oriented presentation, such as’s Power To Win.

For the NFL’s relaxation of this rule is incredible news. One of our major promotions is a half-time outreach presentation called Power To Win. In Power To Win, a prominent NFL player gives testimony and encourages viewers to consider a decision for Christ. The presentation also includes performances from various Christian artists.

This year, Power To Win had to be formatted into a “Halftime HomePak” due to pressure to comply with screen size and viewer limitations (all of which no bar has ever had to comply with). So, the testimony of LaDainian Tomlinson (and, in the past, Tony Dungy) were constrained to small groups huddled around small TV sets.

This ruling means next year looks much brighter for Power To Win and Super Bowl XLIII in 2009!

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