Escaping the “Westernization” of the Gospel

Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western culture over the last centuries. That might seem quite natural to Western Christians—but does the “Westernization” of Christianity hinder efforts to share the Gospel message with non-Western cultures?

That’s the central question asked in the March issue of Lausanne World Pulse. The issue kicks off with an introduction to the topic, and continues with a thorough analysis of what “Westernization” means for Christianity, and why it’s so critically important that we break away from this trend.

There’s much more in the issue as well—articles cover topics ranging from cross-cultural missions in Africa to why “productivity” is not a good measure of mission work. The entire issue is available for free reading online, so if you’ve got an interest in current trends in missionary work, stop by and take a look!

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