No Christian-Slamming Here: A Talk With David Gordon Green about Snow Angels

snowangelsDue to the structure of the film, it’s no spoiler to tell you that Snow Angels is about relationships that end in violence; but this is no inspired-by-Montel over-the-top smackdown or overwrought Woody Allen melodrama. It’s a quiet, meditative examination of relationships and situations gone horribly wrong.

Interestingly, the story’s central character happens to be a Bible-believing, praying Christian—and so the question of faith became very explicit in a post-screening discussion following the film’s premiere.

PtP Managing Editor Greg Wright attended the premiere of the film with a private audience and the filmmakers in Seattle this week, and the first question from the moderator during the after-film discussion was: “So… should we be afraid of every born-again Christian?” The instant response from the audience: “Yes!”

David Gordon Green, the director, gave a very vague follow-up reply to the question. So when Greg interviewed him the next day, he started right out with that very same question. The full interview, and Green’s full response, can be found at Past the Popcorn.

posted by Greg Wright of Past the Popcorn

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