Spanish World Ministries

spanishworld.jpgSo often we feel like we need to go somewhere else to do God’s work, but so often God is already working where we are. Spanish World Ministries is a ministry who ministers to their native lands. Their main way to do so is through a radio program called El Camino de la Vida (The way of life).

For more information on their philosophy, check out this excerpt from The National Missionary Connection page:

Who is a national missionary? A national missionary is a person who is serving Christ while living in the country in which he or she was born or has become a permanent resident through the means of immigration or marriage. National missionaries have the same culture, language, economic status, and physical features as those to whom they minister. They eat like they eat. They talk like they talk. They think like they think. They live like they live. They are educated like they are educated. They look like they look. A national missionary understands and intimately identifies materially, emotionally and intellectually with the people he or she is trying to reach for Christ.

Here’s a great summary of what their mission:

Our confidence is that every day, somewhere in Latin America, many people are hearing that Jesus is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the World.

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