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CampGoodNewsEver wondered what the day to day operations of a camp are like? The people over at Forest Glen Camps have been blogging about their summer camps over at Camp Good News.

You can catch up on everything from the food they’re eating:

Lunch followed with corn dog, tater tots, pineapple with a salad bar. It’s always fun to see who can eat the most corn dogs at camp. And we just gotta love those tater tots! After our bellies were all full, the campers laid their little heads down for rest so that they could re-energize and then head to canteen.

To what God is doing:

God is really doing some awesome things at camp this week. There are some really cool bonds that are forming and relationships that will last a life time! We pray that this will continue outside of camp and on! Thank you for letting your kids come to camp and experience something new!

Personally, I’d hate to see the aftermath of a corndog eating competition! Camp is a wonderful thing, full of oddities and intense spiritual experiences. We’re looking forward to hearing more about what the summer has in store for Forest Glen Camps.

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