A New Government for Nepal

On May 28, Nepal’s government became a democratic republic after over 200 years as the world’s only Hindu monarchy. It’s an important change in the history of Nepal, but for the Christians living and ministering there it could mean an end to much of the violence perpetrated against them.

Mission Network News reports on the situation:

Through the years, Christians in Nepal have paid a heavy price — threats, beatings, ridicule and even imprisonment — for choosing to love and follow Jesus. Now much of Nepal — Christians included — is hopeful at the news of this new government.

During recent months, a Maoist leader initiated a meeting with Nepal’s major Christian leaders, expressing that the Maoists would guarantee religious freedom in Nepal and vowing not to harm Christians. The Maoists have also made verbal promises to work toward peace in the nation.


For more on Nepal click on the map above or read the wikipedia article.

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