Past the Popcorn Reconsiders The Dark Knight

jokerOkay… It’s official. The Dark Knight is a certifiable cultural phenomenon. Dedicated fans are flocking to the theaters in droves. Everyone’s talking about it. We’re running a second article at Past the Popcorn.

And yet, in the true spirit of the business, no one—including the studio—seems to understand the “recipe” behind this Perfect Cinematic Storm. At least if they do know, no one’s spilling the beans. My theory—given that it’s been ten years since Titanic—is that we won’t be seeing another film event like this for a decade or so; and that will be proof enough that the Secret Ingredients remain a mystery.

After having had a couple of weeks to mull things over, though (a rare gift of about two weeks’ more time than I had to actually write my review!) I came up with a few observations that might shed some light on why this film has become an overnight sensation.

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