Outreach on the streets of Beijing

While the Olympics are underway, plenty of ministry and outreach is taking place on the streets of Beijing, and at least one Gospel.com community member is taking the opportunity to partner with Olympic evangelists in China. Answers in Genesis is distributing Chinese-language evangelistic DVDs and books in Beijing. Among the items they’re distributing is a brand-new Chinese translation of their Creation Miniseries:

These DVDs were recorded in 2007 on the Pacific island of Saipan before a Chinese audience and then edited and produced this year. A video crew traveled with the AiG team and filmed the live-translation, and AiG has produced them for global use. As they are being provided, people are told that they can duplicate them as often as they like in China.

As part of these efforts, AiG has put online several videos of a Ken Ham presentation (with a Chinese translation) on their website. You can watch the videos online as they add them at the AiG site. As you watch the Games, take a few minutes to pray for those out on the streets of Beijing with the Gospel message!

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