Answering life’s four basic questions

Ever wondered why you are here on earth, or what the purpose of your life is? According to a new essay by media expert Al Menconi, you’re searching for answers to life’s four basic questions—questions that every person asks at some point in their life. What are they? Menconi lists them in the article:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. Where am I going? and
  4. What is true?

In his essay, Menconi outlines the Bible’s answers to those four questions—and using a recent example from his life, he explains how seemingly innocuous things like the entertainment we imbibe can lead us astray as we look for those answers. Read the full article, and if you find it helpful, take a look through the Al Menconi Ministries website and read hundreds of other essays about faith, everyday life, and the messages (good and bad) that we absorb from the culture around us.

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