Starting down the road to recovery

The featured topic on is recovery. While putting an end to some types of sin is as simple as “just saying no,” other sins and behaviors can cause so much damage to our lives, relationships, and spiritual health that breaking free requires serious time and commitment—a process of recovery.

The recovery process is frequently necessary when addiction—to alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, etc.—is involved. Recovery is sometimes also necessary even when your own behavior wasn’t responsible for the damage, as in the case of abuse. Today we’ll point out a few links to general recovery resources from around the community; tomorrow we’ll focus on recovery resources for more specific problems. Whatever the reasons you’re seeking recovery, here are some good starting points:

Between those three ministries, there are hundreds of essays and other tools to help you get started down the long hard road to recovery. Explore those links, and we’ll be back tomorrow with some more specific resources!

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