Stressed out on campus

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and Christmas not far beyond that, 2008 is drawing to a close—but for college students, it might seem like the end of the semester is infinitely far off. Are you swamped with classwork, midterm exams, research papers, and the general craziness of campus life? has gathered several good articles to help keep focused, both academically and spiritually:

  • The Everything Trap—do you feel like you’re trying to spin too many plates? Read Dennis Anderson’s thoughts on managing the things you
  • How to Care for Your Soul—real spiritual help for your hectic everyday life.
  • Busy Sickness—why are we so busy all the time? Some thoughts on busyness, and how to keep it from running you into the ground.

There are many other good resources for students over at, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed at school, take a look!

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