Go forth and vote: thoughts on Election 2008

It’s here at last—election day, the culmination of years of campaigning and political debate in the U.S. Whether you were first in line at the ballot box this morning or are still trying to figure out which candidate is the proverbial lesser of two evils, here are a few links from around the Gospel.com community to help you put the political craziness into spiritual perspective:

  • GetReligion is the go-to blog for discussion of religion’s intersection with the media and society. They’re busy blogging about the election as it unfolds today, and you can be sure they’ll be analyzing the results over the next few weeks. If you want to learn how religion (and Christianity in particular) are being handled by the media, this is the place to start.
  • James Watkins has written quite a bit about the political race—but without the partisan rancor that motivates so many bloggers and pundits. Take a look at his Election 2008 page for his insights into understand the relationship between faith and politics. His blog has lots of good election commentary, too.
  • We’ve heard a lot about the “culture war” over the last few years—but is there a better way for Christians to influence culture? Delve Into Jesus challenges Christians to rethink the “culture war” mentality and instead model themselves on the early church.

So go out and vote—and as you do, pray that your grace and thoughtfulness will reflect Christ to the angry, hyper-politicized culture around us.

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