411God: bringing Scripture to your cellphone

What would it be like if God called you up on your cellphone? Back to the Bible has an interesting ministry called 411God that provides an idea of how that might work: you sign up for an account, and then you get a daily call to your cellphone with one minute of Scripture.

The service is free to use; and if you’re curious what the daily calls sound like, you can listen to past ones online at their archives. (There’s also a free album from the band Vota available for download.)

411God’s an intriguing idea, and I wonder if we’ll see the concept spread to other forms of daily spiritual engagement, like devotionals or prayer. How many of us don’t spend enough time each day in Bible reading or praying because we just can’t seem to find the time? This program sidesteps that excuse by bringing the Bible to you instead of waiting for you to find time to come to the Bible. If you give it a try, leave a comment below to let us know your impressions.

4 Responses to “411God: bringing Scripture to your cellphone”

  • Tony says:

    My wife and I have subscribed to 411 God for months now. I have it sent to my e-mail and it is the first thing I read every day when I get on the computer. My wife has it sent to her phone. She looks forward to her daily call- which can be set up for whatever time you’d like.
    You can also get a text message if you prefer that. We think it is great and would highly recommend it. It is a blessing.

  • I would realy appriciate if i can get a chance to read bible on daily basis.

  • Andy says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Tony. I’m glad to hear you and your wife have found 411 God helpful. It sounds like a really neat program.

  • Deloris says:

    I subscribed to 411 God when it first started and look forward to hearing it each day. I have begun to put it on the speaker phone when my husband is still in the house, perhaps eating breakfast , and we can listen together before our day starts or he leaves for work. It has been a blessing to us in our hectic lives.