Hope in unemployment

Are you struggling to find work in this economic climate? Or maybe you’ve managed to stay employed, but are feeling the pinch of a tighter budget or mounting debt. As the ongoing economic crisis continues to drag on, chances are that you and the people you love have been directly affected by it.

Biblica has put together a series of articles and helpful resources for anyone coping with unemployment and other economic pressures. They note that the loss of a job and economic security is more than just a financial setback: it exacts a spiritual and emotional toll as well. Biblica’s articles address issues like fear, anxiety, faith, and hope—all things that you experience during the turbulence of unemployment.

So if you’re desperate for a ray of hope in the midst of a personal financial crisis, take a look at Biblica’s unemployment resources. They might help you find the perspective you need to make it through.

2 Responses to “Hope in unemployment”

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  • LyNda says:

    Dear Readers,
    Hope you are doing well at your ends. For those who are loosing faith because of unemployment, let me tell you that there is no use to behave like that because your Creator knows your situation before it happened and He knows how it will make you go through it,God has Good Plans for us, so, only one thought, close your eyes and say: ” Lord,I believe in you”