Don’t be a digital dinosaur: Christian writers on publishing in the digital age

The publishing industry has undergone massive changes in the internet age. Where does that leave Christian writers who want to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by the digital age?

James Watkins is a Christian writer who has been charting a course through the challenges and opportunities of publishing amidst a rapidly-changing industry and a massive economic crisis. He was recently interviewed by Upper Case about how to avoid becoming a digital dinosaur. He talks about his own experience making the transition from the traditional Christian publishing model to the wide-open world of modern web-savvy publishing. It’s an interesting discussion of the importance of adapting to the new online medium.

It also goes along nicely with a recent discussion among Christian bloggers and writers about the increasing pressure on writers to market themselves in the online world. Christian literary agent Rachelle Gardner kicked off the discussion on her blog, and the ensuing conversation is well worth reading.

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