Do you participate in Halloween festivities?

Every October 31st, Halloween rolls around with all of its perceived positives and negatives. For some, whether or not to participate isn’t even a point of discussion. For others, it’s a question they wrestle with every year.

James Watkins paraphrases Paul from 1 Corinthians 8:4-13 in his thoughts on the holiday:

Don’t worry about the ancient association of these holidays with paganism since we know there are no gods of sun and death, and that the dead don’t roam the earth. You’re not appeasing Samhain when you go “trick-or-treating” or sacrificing to the gods by carving a jack-o-lantern. But if your family or friends have reservations about these things, don’t encourage them to do something they feel is “sinful.”

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What about you? Do you participate in Halloween festivities?

What do you think?

9 Responses to “Do you participate in Halloween festivities?”

  • Jo Jones Lewis says:

    My brother and I went Trick or Treating when we were kids with my sweet Aunt Mae in tow watching over us but as far as my own kids who are now ages 39 and 40,for some reason I did NOT which I am thankful for. Now I have grandkids and they do not.

  • Pat says:

    As with everything else, we need to be mindful of traditions which slip in and distort true Christian values. The same goes for Easter, Christmas, etc. Halloween should be a no-brainer for what it really represents.

  • Char says:

    We became Believers later in life and as a blended family we were confronted, as new Christians to decide what we were going to do with this holiay. Our Pastor at the time gave us some great instruction. First, he educated us on what the holiday was really all about,not the “commercial” version. Then told us that if we wanted to participate for our childrens enjoyment, to teach them also what the holiday was originally created for AND to train them to redeem the holiday by dressing in costumes that had a “fun” theme and not gory. NOT to visit homes that were going more the route of promoting evil or “scary” themes and to be with them when they went out.

    We believe this served our children and now at our office we turn this day into a “dress UP for the food bank day”. Keep it fun light simply entertaining.

    • JRW says:

      There is no “gray” area with God. Would God be pleased with us celebrating a holiday that was establishe, then conformed to the ways of the world. He has called us to be transformed.

  • Bluebell says:

    you shouldnt celebrate halloween at all its meaningless to buy a 40 dollar costume for a 99cent candy thats expired and stil its displeasing to God

  • Rita Grice says:

    My church has an activity that they have dubbed “Trunk or Treat” where memebers and non members alike decorate their car trunks and fill them up with candy. We do not allow our children or ourselves to participate. Instead, we have a Bible study about the “holiday”, here in our home, for anybody who wants to know what the Word says about it. We believe that the constructive, healthy, and God-approved activities i.e. Awana, should not by cancelled to make way for satan to be put on a pedestal. No matter how you try to justify or disguise it Halloween has no bussiness in our churches or our homes. I beseech you to give a second look at what you are subjecting your impressionable children to. I will be praying for everyone and there safety.

  • back in 1987, my family and I, just got back in L.A.Ca. and we have
    some troubles with my sons¨s elementary school, particulary with their
    teachers, cause this two ladies wanted to involve my sons in a halloweeen festivity. So we didnt agree,and the school made a writeout
    to my sons, even that the two teachers attended to the same baptist church, than we just attend too.Can you believed it? People dont know
    that halloween festivities is satan´s festivities.Christians, I mean
    real christians cannot be part of evil festivities.

  • Donna says:

    Is holloween mentioned in the bible? Did GOD say this is a day I decree as one of MY own. So why the question? Can you find any bible passage that speaks of this day. In short this is nonsense. We have been given HIS WORD follow it.

  • winter says:

    Silly puddy was originally designed as a synthetic rubber, I think it’s fun. I don’t judge things by what they were only what they are. Regardless of where it came from Halloween is just a day to dress up, have fun, and get candy.

    I celebrate every year.