How Much Should Christians Care About Sports?

With the World Series behind us, basketball getting underway and the NFL approaching midseason, it’s a good time to be a sports fans. It seems like every week there’s a “big game,” and for every “big game” there are millions upon millions of people that watch, cheer and dissect every play and statistic. Americans might not know whether their city has a symphony orchestra, but they know their city’s sports teams.

Sports are clearly an inextricable part of our culture, yet, as Christians how invested should we be in the outcomes of those sporting events? How much should Christians care about sports?

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5 Responses to “How Much Should Christians Care About Sports?”

  • Eduardo Suarez says:

    I am a baseball fan, one of those that dreamed to became a MLB’s player. I love the game! However, I has learned to deal with the temtaton of allowing any sports event, specially baseball play off with my christian time and money stewarship. For example if a game is play on Sunday, it has to be after church time for to watch it. How much I will pay for a baseball team jersey, wont be beyond my means.

    So, I try that sports stay where they should.

  • Aya says:

    I am a abid fan of MMA (Mix Martial Arts) and also a student of Full Contact karate, I also encourage my church mate to be involved in sports not only the youth but also the adults ,as long as it will not become their idol, even if the tournament is at Sunday Christians must first prioritized their responsibility to God before their own agenda…

  • as long as it dose not become an idol of worship to a person.By this i mean sports must not take god’s position in one”s life

  • I love sports, it is a big part of my life.When I was a child, i take
    my small radio with earphones, and I seated in the last seat of the
    church, so I could ear the soccer game, beisball game, NFL game.Until
    one sunday morning, my pastor Dr. Octavio Gaspar, came and taked seat
    besides me, I didnt notice him, cause someone else was preaching up
    front. and he told me “who´s winning”, I watched him, and I was really
    scared.I tuned off.But it was a big lesson until today,I am a missiona-
    ry, but I put the Lord and His business first than anything else, when
    I have a chanse to watch a game, I thanks God, but if it Dont, I thanks
    God too.Sport it´s a sane activity, but turned in a sin, when we put
    a game before the things of our merciful God,God bless you…

  • Roger Federer says:

    Look…I’ve read some good books. If you’re taking part in sports, it can be a way in which we worship God (having said that, worship isn’t only about singing song…it’s about putting everything you do to God). So taking part in sports is not wrong, even if you play in Sundays… Watching sports on Sundays however, depends on the person on how much he value going to church. If he choose sports, that person should NEVER be criticized against (Woman taken in Adultery), but they should think carefully where he puts his priorities.