Being obedient… even when it hurts

This morning’s devotional, from Lifetime Guarantee Ministries, challenges us to think about obedience by looking at the story of Naaman. How obedient are you? And exactly what role does obedience play in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do you sometimes wonder about your level of obedience? You approach the topic sincerely and very logically: “God loves me unconditionally. I believe that with all my heart. I also believe that there isn’t anything I can do to make Him love me more or anything that I can do to make Him love me less. What part does my obedience play in His plan for my life when I believe in His unconditional love for me?” […]

[For Naaman,] searching the prophet out and telling him the problem was not enough. Hearing the prophet’s instructions was painful—it hurt his pride to think of doing something so demeaning. Naaman did not believe, but he was desperate. He did not understand the prophet’s remedy, but he was hurting. He merely humbled himself and obeyed, that’s all. He obeyed and that obedience brought healing. His life was rerouted—changed forever!

And you and me? We must allow God to be our God—we must submit to Him before we can submit to His plan for our life, before we can be all that He has planned for us to be. Obedience paves the way for His way—the only way. His way may be humiliating, embarrassing, something you would never dream of doing, something that seems absolutely ridiculous to you. But I have the courage to say to you, “Oh, please! You are here. Why not at least try what the Lord has told you to do?”

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Can you relate to Naaman? Have you ever chosen to obey, even if you weren’t sure you believed? If we’re saved by grace alone, where does obedience fit in?

6 Responses to “Being obedient… even when it hurts”

  • lorna says:

    All religion does not lead to the same God, some does not even recognize Jehovah as the One True God. Christians can support other charities that help to ease human suffering.

    Obedience is a natural out flowing from a heart that loves unconditionally. It is not possible to love and not obey. Loving God means we want to please Him and pleasing God requires obedience. If you love me keep my commandments. Disobedience was the first sin it separated us from our heavenly father. Obedience to His will restores our relationship to Him.

  • Cynthia says:

    being obedient to God pushes me away from my husband thats why its hard for me to me obedient I dont know how to please God and my husband without feeling ones being left out

    • Jael says:

      Cynthia you should read 1 Peter 3 1-2. By honoring your husband and submitting to him, you are honoring God. You will be able to win him over when he sees how much your devotion to God leads you to being an awesome supportive wife…and it might get him interested in knowing the God that you serve. :)

  • ghem says:

    we are not perfect, ,although we are called to obey not people could not obey or giVe everything that was asked of Him. I also believe that we could not do anything to make God Love us more or Love us less, but we should KEEP IN MIND that “God is being hurt whenever we do not listen to what He asks us to do or not sacrifice whatever He asks us to give”.

    we could always pray and say sorry to God whenever we hurt Him,chances are endlessly given to us by God,although most of the time we actually don’t deserve this chances and love given to us by God, but since it is written in the bible, God is honored and is truly happy whenever we claim Him as our God, God gives us blessings and we don’t even need to ask. .

    It is not wrong to ask from God whether we deserve what we ask for or not…pray pray pray and Read the BIBLE!

  • IJ says:

    Obedience plays no role in the life of believer. The minute somebody tells you that you must “obey God,” you have met somebody who is a slave to sin. Why? Because in order to be obedient you must define what it is that you must be obedient to. And that leads you to putting yourself under law. “For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace (Romans 6:14).” The Christian life is one of trust and dependence on the indwelling Holy Spirit, not one of repentance and obedience to rules and laws designed to modify our behavior. The more “law” we subject ourselves to the more sin we will stir up. Therefore, we become mastered by it. That is why the Bible says that “the power of sin is the law (1 Corinthians 15:56).” Laws, rules, tenants, precepts and principles are not what guide a Christian. It is the grace of God that “teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age (Titus 2:12).” The sooner we trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us from within the quicker we will stop relying on our flesh’s inability to be obedient.

  • goldd says:

    Yeah, I hear you. I am going through a divorce. It’s extrememly hard and it really hurts. God told me to “give it up, it will hurt”. i dont have time to explain in detail what’s going on but I know the voice of God and he has shown me over and over that “He is true and every man a liar”. But i didn’t realize how much it would hurt to be obedient. There is no question in my mind that God has mine and my children in His best interest. But what do you do, If the pain is unbearable. It feels like my entire soul is hurting going this divorce. What do I do? Please give me a scripture to help me through this tuff times. God Bless