How often do you share your faith with others?

Evangelism—sharing our faith in Jesus with people who don’t know the Gospel—is at the core of the Christian faith. There exist countless ministries, organizations, and publications aimed at introducing people to the Gospel, or at encouraging individual Christians to do so. Yet it’s my impression that the idea of witnessing to others is a daunting one for most Christians.

Do you actively and consciously share your faith with others? What part does witnessing play in your everyday spiritual life? And what does your witness usually look like—is it a traditional verbal presentation of the basics points of your faith? Do you try to witness with actions but not words? Something in between?

How often do you share your faith with others, and how do you tend to do so?

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One Response to “How often do you share your faith with others?”

  • Rev. Robert Boswell says:

    Whoever follows Jesus should have “springs of water welling up to eternal life in them and rivers of living water flowing from them” (John 4:14 & 7:38). Isaiah basically says, that those who call themselves, “the Lords people will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation and exalt His deeds among all people.” (Isaiah 12:3-4)

    One normal effect of salvation on believers should be a strong desire to testify about God’s deeds and character to all people. Yet, when it comes to evangelism, most Christians seem to be like clogged pipes and the water that should be gushing from them is only a drip.

    How many of you have a friend or loved one to whom you want to share the gospel, but you have not? How many of you feel that it is hard to get the conversation about Jesus started in a comfortable way, but you want to?”

    Try to do something about it. Try an EvangeCube (E3) or E-Card ( they are moving visual aids that helps you share your faith or teach others how to share their faith.

    Acts 1:8 says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and YOU SHALL be My witnesses.” It sounds like ALL followers of Christ ARE witnesses; there are NO excuses, NO exceptions. YOU may be a GOOD witness or a BAD witness, but make no mistake you are a witness. If you have no testimony, then you are not a witness, but you are NOT a Christian either. So if I was you I would go witness to 3 people today and offer to pray with them about any matter they want. God might answer their prayers in powerful ways. I have seen it…