Is Church Attendance Required to Call Yourself a Christian?

Let’s say a person became a Christian some time ago and just never got around to finding a church. They read still read their Bible and pray, but they’re not a member or even an active “visitor” of any organized body of Christ. Are they still a Christian?

Is Church attendance required to call yourself a Christian?

Here’s an answer from the ministry of Faith Facts:

Yes, at least in a very technical sense. Salvation is not dependent on actions. God judges one’s heart.

But let’s be honest. The Bible says that we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30). If you say you are a Christian yet do not attend church regularly, how can you say that you really love God sufficiently?

Jesus emphasized the importance of his church. The Bible further emphasizes that regular worship, Bible study, fellowship with other believers, and service to one another are important. Likewise, the Bible warns against willful and persistent rejection of God (Hebrews 10:26).

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22 Responses to “Is Church Attendance Required to Call Yourself a Christian?”

  • I didn’t read the rest of the article, but this quote above is enough to comment on.

    In being “honest,” as the above says, then attending the church organization as we know it today may not have anything to do with loving God, especially since we know many who attend who do not love God as well as many who do not attend who do love God. We need to rethink a Biblical notion of “church” if we’re to get to the real issue going on here.

    See recent posts on my blog for some lively discussion and new perspectives (

  • nick says:

    Hi, I was attending regularly church and then because of my job I start skipping, in this time I kept reading the bible, praying, listening online…..spreading the gospel at some point. Now, I’ve seen some pictures posted on facebook with our youth/interim pastor and teen group, from Hallowing, being together in the church, some of them dressed in dead bodies or vampires. Since that day I have no attraction to go to the church. Is that mean to you that I’m not a Christian anymore?
    Thank you and many blessings.

    • leah says:

      Nick, you must realize that many churches no longer follow the biblical worship. Therefore you must choose the church you attend with care. If it is not preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, Christ crucified, dead buried, risen again. Now in heaven at the right hand of God the father, then go find another church. And being “intertained” at service is not what it is all about. Worshipping God and learning about him is why you attend church. Too bad but many churches have lost that goal. Choose carefully. But we need the connection with the church family. Please find a different church. Halloween, should be replaced with Refromation Day.

    • Allen says:

      The bible says you should confront them about it. If they don’t listen, go to another church. But you should never not go regularly to a church at all.

  • Justin McHugh says:

    The bible does not say that if one does not go to Church one is not giving full to God. However the bible teaches morales such as helping others unlike most churches who now are more property hungry or want to install a ten thousand dollar marble cross instead of feeding ten thousand poor. Christians have strayed away from the fundamentals in which Jesus and God molded us to be. Our heart and soul should be our tabernacle and our knees our alter always doing Christs work and not following self centered phrophecy but rather following his phrophecy spoken through all that is true and just.

    • Hannah says:

      It seems as though you are judging an awful lot of Christians and an awful lot of churches. You say “most churches” and “Christians have strayed” as if you’ve attended every church and have a personal relationship with every Christian. I’m just don’t believe it’s fair to judge so many.

  • gloria holman says:

    Many people do not belong to a active church. Many go to church then do not live their religion. most people that I see go to church, advertise it and do nothing more than go to church. God itself is the only church, he is not baptist , catholic, or any other of the numerous so called religion. He does not judge. WE do,

  • Geo says:

    Ya may want to read the whole the article, “Lone Ranger”.

  • Linda says:

    I agree with you Dale..

  • Becky says:

    If all the churches were to crumble, would that mean the end of Christianity? NO!! The Lord has His temple, we walk into it everytime we reach out to Him, reach out to others because of Him. Our Lords temple reigns supreme, it has no doors to lock, no boundaries that can be seen, it houses a congregation like no other. He is it’s foundation, His words welcoming all, His salvation the ever-burning light. It is close to blasphemy/idolatry to even think of hinging one’s Christianity on an object made of stone and wood. Just like our bodies are mere husks, so are buildings. Faith, Fellowship, and Open-arms is what pleases our Lord. Our Lord knows of no censorship. Anyplace, anywhere, any event that holds our Lord most high is a place of worship, fellowship, and communion. The christian makes a church, a church doesnt make the christian.

  • Dale my man you on to something there.
    At the end of the day the Church is you an I, no matter what some religious institution might think. I believe the bible is very clear about brothers and sisters of the faith caring for one another’s daily needs. When most of the church would do less than the passers-by in the good Samaritan story.
    It’s so typical of the people of God to miss the point and argue semantics.
    God asked me to read Numbers 14, actually He asked me to read about Joshua and directed me to Numbers 14. Joshua’s name is only mentioned 3 times in the chapter; He spoke up for God once, and God spoke up for Joshua once and then what God said happened.
    Today we live in a world that just doesn’t believe what God said, just like Joshua and Caleb.

  • Frankie Huffman says:

    I personally cannot attend a church. I have an Acute Porphyria which has made me very sensitive to fragrances, and even cleaners used in many buildings. These things trigger an acute attack of my inherited disorder. I have online prayer and study groups, that I do enjoy very much. I know I am a born again child of the Living God. Church attendance or lack thereof will not make me more or less so. There are many people who are not physically able to leave their homes. I am so glad God does not judge them or I according to the standards of humans. A prophet alone in the wilderness is often more in tune with God than one in a crowd.

  • Mandy says:

    Matthew 18:20

  • Bob says:

    The church is the body of Jesus Romans 12 and 1 cor. 12. in order to be connected to the head we must be a part of a body. If you sever a part of the body it will only live for a short time then it will die. Just as a Christian must be apart of a body to stay connected to the head being Jesus. Does that mean we must be at church every time the door is open I don’t think so but Heb 10:25 tells us not to give up meeting together as some has made a habit of doing. The eye cannot say i don’t need you Just as I cant say to my sister you are not my sister she will always be my sister even if i decide to not associate with her. Jesus spent his time hanging around a bunch of sinners. And then we come up with excuses why we don’t want to hang with the body because its full of sinners. Rom 3:23 we need to get over our self righteousness by thinking we are better that the others even in Luke 18:13 the tax collector attempted to worship with the Samaritan but one of them lacked humility. We need each other and its only arrogance for us to say we don’t. SO I’m not says find a church of your choice put pray that God will direct you to his body that is teaching the truth.

  • Sonja says:

    The reality is God wants us to dwell in His house for worhsip. This means find a church that is teaching the true gospel according to the BIBLE. We as Christian really need to realize that we do not go to church for people. We attend church to get the Word. If some people could stop getting hung up on materialistic things and focus on serving others, like we are called to do then this topic would not be an issue.

  • Karen says:

    Church attendance is not required to be a believer in Jesus Christ. God’s word, though tells us “Do not forsake the getting together of the saints”. We need to be in fellowship with other believers.

  • Nia says:

    How can we ever strengthen our faith in Yeshua ( Our Lord and Savior’s true hebrew name) if we are not a part of a ministry? The bible says that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17). This chapter discusses the importance of being a part of a ministry. Having a church family is a great support system and will help our relationship with Masiach (Christ) grow. Don’t get me wrong, the building itself is not what makes us Christians, but it is the body of Masiach (Christ), in other words, the people, the ministry. I am aware that some people are detoured from attending churches due to bad experiences. Shaul (Paul) describes this in 1 Timothy 1:19 as shipwrecked faith. This can oftenttimes happen and is very unfortunate. For those who have experienced this, I would pray that God would lead you to a church that is teaching the truth and to heal you from your broken wounds. Shalom…

  • Ted says:

    The overall comments, thus far, seem to agree that church attendance is not required in order for someone to call themselves a Christian, however, it’s also very clear that God would like us to gather together to worship Him and to read/study His word and to pray to Him – – as a “family”.

    Christianity, for whatever reason(s), has splintered itself into so many different denominations and sects that it has become irrelevant in the eyes of many, many non-Christians world-wide. Those Christians who are not associated with a church, and are searching for one, might find difficulty to discover which one truly teaches “the true gospel according to the Bible”, because every Christian Denomination or Independent Christian church says that “they” are the only one that “truly” understands and preaches God’s Word.

    So, I ask the question: if a Born Again Christian is having difficulty discovering which church will really give nourishment to their spirit, do they, by not attending any church, but extend Matthew 6:5-8 to include more than prayer (personal bible study, etc.), while emulating Christ in word and deed in their community, do they relinquish the privilege of calling themselves a Christian??

  • Dirtch says:

    If you take away anything negatively aimed at someone in all these post, I’d like to say you all just got a little more church this week by just reading others responses. Being part of Christ has two parts. Love God. Love your neighbor. Yes there are ways of growing closer and having a deeper relationship, but those are completely different for everyone. I do it through helping others just as a good friend when needed and in music that I play. The music happens to be at a service, but a very relaxed one. The main part is staying true to yourself and Jesus. If you are skipping church, and it happens to be the way you grow, then I would think over your reasons for missing. But if you just don’t get a thing from sitting in the pews, find another outlet. Try music groups in the church, youth ministry maybe, any other ministries ( I work with kids too, notice much? Lol ) Maybe donating time somewhere really touches you. The main thing is to have that time and keep at it. Do what you can and remember it is different for everyone, so please don’t fall into the negative sterotype we get and tell anyone they are wrong. Be like Christ, accept them for who they are.

  • Nia says:

    So exactly how often are you supposed to attend church in order to be considered a Christian?

    • Jack says:

      You don’t have to attend church, it is a sign of devotion, but do not go because you have to, it’s not a way to get bonus points for heaven. first follow God.

      With respect I disagree with jason, people are expected to be good, they don’t need to be perfect and God doesn’t expect that, as no person should. But we are expected to be good. your close jason, we don’t have to do that to stay a christian, and it is an outward expression of gods love for us, but we have to be good, we can’t kill someone and say I’m a christian GOD FORGIVES ME! you might even be a christian, but acting like that, or even simpler than that, generally is an act that saddens God, he’ll always love us, but to act like that will upset him like a father has lost his child.

      I would suggest, try and get to church, I’m not forcing it, just start with a small goal, once every few months, build it up, once a month, keep going. I wouldn’t say you have to go to church, but I think it’s an important thing to do if you truly have a heart for god, and want to live in his ways. or if your not a christian, to grow in an awesome way, to guide you on the most awesomest life ever!

  • Jason says:

    A Christian simply means being a Christ follower.. It is to make a change on the inside of your life. Christ-Followers are not required to go to church, give money, to be good, or to do anything to stay a Christian. It simply means that you have a desire to do those things because your life has been changed.

    Saw this wonderful video on what it means to be a christian.. check it out..