Should Christians Support Beauty Contests?

The hubbub surrounding Carrie Prejean has me thinking about beauty pageants and contests like Miss America and Miss World. They’re clearly part of the fabric of our culture, one of the towns I lived in even had a small town rendition put on by 4-H.

Should Christians support beauty contests?

What do you think?

3 Responses to “Should Christians Support Beauty Contests?”

  • Emily Akin says:

    Absolutely, Christians should not participate in beauty contests. Especially nowadays when the girls wear very little clothing in the competitions. Even before women’s libbers trashed beauty contests, I have felt that they were demeaning to the girls who participated. Beauty is not on the outside, after all.

    • I do agree with you and really appreciate your good point. We are a chosen nation, called to be holy and show a great difference from the worldly beliefs, understanding or even aspirations. Should we be pride of the beauty of our external body, the body we do not know how and why God made it? I find this unfair in the context of born again christians. If we agree that we are created in the image of God, in both senses, taking part in those contests would simply mean that we look down on the work of God manifested in different appearences of people He made Himself for His own reasons and with great Love.

      Let us do our best to improve on internal goodness, I mean kindness, love, solidarity, and all that is good manners. Let us fight hatred and all evils and devilish beliefs. It is high time we realized that we are different from other nations of non christians. This has to be made practical not theoretical.


  • David English says:

    “We are a chosen nation” FYI America; the internet is not a nation it’s international!