Reflecting Christ’s generosity amidst the holiday shopping madness

Today’s devotional is a short but appropriate challenge to us as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving… and as millions of shoppers brace themselves for the post-Thanksgiving consumer frenzy. In today’s devotional at Words of Hope, Steve Petroelje asks us to think biblically about where our money will go this holiday season:

The biggest weekend in the Christmas shopping season is approaching. In the days ahead, many will awaken early and shop extensively. Lists will be made, deals will be sought, and lots of money will be spent.

What if this year you gave to others besides your family and close friends?What if, instead of buying so many toys and electronics, you and your family provided food for someone who is homeless? Or gave some cash anonymously to someone who is dealing with unemployment or struggling to make ends meet.

If Christmas is truly about God’s gift to us in Christ Jesus, then reflecting the heart of God would lead to giving generously to others.

Read the full devotional at Words of Hope.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving, and the inevitable preparations for Christmas. And take some time to consider how you will reflect Christ’s immense grace and generosity in the way you handle your time, finances, and gifts this holiday season.

2 Responses to “Reflecting Christ’s generosity amidst the holiday shopping madness”

  • Brittini says:

    I truly enjoyed this message. It made me really reflect on myself on what I do on the holidays and what I should be doing. I have realized I should be showing God’s love by helping others who are in need, instead of thinking only about myself and my family.I need to help anyone who I am able help. I have also, pondered that the lord has given us Thanksgiving for all these years for a reason and that is to have us really be thankful for our lives and to be prepared to show lord’s love by the act of tending to others needs as well as our own on Christmas day. This message makes me look forward to Christmas now knowing I don’t need to buy gifts to brighten someone’s life but show the act of kindness. I am a college student who is financially suffering and I was not looking forward to Christmas, knowing I can not buy gifts for my family and loved ones this year. I have also been observed how superficial Christmas has truly became lately :-/. Now I can show the heavenly father’s love at ease :-). Thank You So Much and God Bless.

  • phil says:

    I think this is a good idea every person alive today should get a chance to be affected by the love of god tihs holiday season. There are people out there in this world who wont have a christmas this year because of financial reasons or what not. There are children out there that have never received a christmas gift ever that is not cool every child should get to know the the joy of the christmas season