What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Few things evoke the Christmas season like Christmas music. What other holiday has such a familiar soundtrack? Whether it’s the old classic carols and hymns or modern tunes by pop musicians, Christmas gets people singing like no other time of the year.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song—a particular tune that encapsulates the Christmas experience? A song that puts you in a worshipful spirit, or that simply lifts your spirit with good old-fashioned Christmas cheer?

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19 Responses to “What’s your favorite Christmas song?”

  • John C. says:

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

  • Susan Clarke says:

    For years my favourite Christmas song was Hark the Herald Angels Sing, but I have added Band Aid (DO THEY KNOW IT’S CHRISTMAS).
    Both songs need no explanation.
    As believers in Christ we should be filled spiritually with the former, and be willing to fill the hungry BODY and SOUL.

    For Christmas cheer and feelings (any day of the year) I love

    O HOLY NIGHT sung by Tevin Cambell
    AGNUS DEI by Donnie Mcclurkin
    THE FIRST NOEL by Aaron Neville


  • Mary T RN says:

    I know there are hundreds, maybe thousands of wonderful Christian Christmas Carols, but the one that captured my heart as a child and still helps me to remember the humble message of Luke 2 is ” The Little Drummer Boy.” Yes, I know he’s no where to be found in the Bible, but the song’s message “I had no gift to bring that’s fit to give a king, so I played for him” encapsulates a truth about our service that I just love, especially during the manic activity of the Christmas season.

    God does not need our gift, and we cannot offer him anything He does not already have, and yet I believe he does smile at our offering, even if it is a toneless drumming. That’s the beauty of the Christmas story; He loves us enough to become one of us and demonstrate His grace through His life, death and resurrection. Isn’t it an awesome anaology to think that the God of the universe will listen to our drumming and smile because of His love for us?

  • Sonja says:

    I actually have two favorite Christmas songs. They are “This Christmas” by Donnie Hathway and “Let It Snow” by Boys II Men.

  • Sheltie says:

    There are so many.

    O Holy Night. The tune flows and rises so purely. It seems to suit clear frosty air beautifully.

    Joy to the World. To me it really brings the joy of knowng Gods love for us.

    Silent Nighty, The Holly and The Ivy, O Come O Come Emmanuel, I could go on.

    Christmas blessings to everyone.

  • John A. C. says:

    “Silent Night” No song involves the imagery of the mind. As does this one for me! From the time I was a child ,when this song was sung in harmony. I feel a powerful spirit well over me. I can see freezing shepherds huddling around a fire, on a star lit night.With one star in the east brighter then the rest. I see three noble gentlemen riding into Bethlehem. I see the Virgin Mary, resting beside her infant son. With Joseph standing watch over all. A bright brilliance emanating from mother and child. On this night in particular there is a heavenly peace and feeling of calm and content throughout the land!
    As a testimony to the power a song can have. Especially as I surely believe this one was blessed by the Holy Spirit.
    This song in particular stopped the fighting on the Western front in WWI on Christmas eve.I’m not sure of the year if it was 1915-17. The story goes that on Christmas eve,a lull occurred in the fighting between the German and British lines. Amongst the trenches, mud decomposing bodies , water and rats. A tune spread from the German trenches over no man’s land. A lone German in his native tongue singing Silent Night.The tune carried into the British lines. A British soldier soon followed in English. Then the miracle of God’s love happened whole Battalions joined in on both sides. It wasn’t long before a white flag of truce was brought to the middle of no man’s land. At first the soldiers were apprehensive.Then bottles of wine, pieces of cheese, and bread were produced. Not very far from the imagery of our Lord’s last supper! Pictures of loved ones left behind brought a feeling of similarity, and for a while anger was replaced with fellowship and love.
    Left to these simple cold scared frightened soldiers they would have laid down their guns and left the battle field that night arm in arm.
    When the generals on both sides miles behind the front heard that there was an undeclared truce breaking out all over the front. They in their infinite wisdom ,in their nice warm headquarters, with their warm clothes, beds and plenty of hot food. Ordered an immediate resumption of hostilities. Or the perpetrators would be immediately shot.
    Soon the order came down; the soldiers on both sides slowly drifted back to their own sides. The shooting went on for the next couple of years.
    Songs can be blessed, sooth the troubled brow; and in very rare occasions stop a war.
    Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

  • o holy night. besides the obvious (the title), when the crescendoed voices reach “down upon your knees” i break up every time. i can only imagine that holy night. what power, and glory, and he did not even know! (no theology please, lol). i pray all the time, but i am reminded that sometimes i need to hit my knees and praise Jesus. i love Jesus. let us celebrate his birthday every day.

    love, kenny

  • Suzanne Favalora says:

    My favorite Christmas song no one has mentioned yet is “Do You See What I See?” – A Star, a Star, shining in the night, it will bring us goodness and light – it will bring us goodness and light.

    And wasn’t Jesus a ‘light in the darkness’? Love and blessings at this Christmas tide.

  • Carol Field says:

    First , O Holy Night, second, Mary Did You Know. I love the whole song O Holy Night but the part that says fall on your knees and hear the angel’s voices brings a tear to my eye. The part in Mary Did You Know that touches me is where it says: Mary did you know that when you kiss your baby boy you kiss the face of God. It really makes you ponder the wonder of Jesus and his birth.

  • Stormy says:

    My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. What a beautiful song!

  • Dianna Kinkead says:

    One of my favorite Christmas is “Lo, How a Rose Ere Blooming.” It talks about the prophesy in Isaih and its fulfillment in our Saviors’s birth. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without it. Another is “Once, In Royal David’s City.”

  • My favorite Christmas song is still the old Christmas carol,it lifts up my soul and spirit whenever it is played

  • SoNew says:

    “Away in a Manger” is my favorite. Easy to sing, to remember, and the message is very comforting and simple.

  • Onyx says:

    “New Shoes, Christmas Song”. When ever I listen to that song I cry and pray for my dying mother.

    “Sir I want to buy these shoes for my mama please.. it’s christmas eve and these shoes are just her size. could you hurry sir daddy says there’s not much time.. she’s been sick for quite a while.. know these shoes will make her smile.. want her to look beautiful, if mama meets Jesus tonight”.

  • MrsC says:

    My favorite is Carol of the Bells, and what child is this. I like alomst all Christmas music though. “God rest ye merry Gentleman” by Garth Brooks is amazing too.

  • Diana says:

    Oh Holy Night is one of my favorites and especially sung by Celine D. I also love Mary Did You Know. I cannot imagine raising Jesus as a small child knowing He was the Saviour and what she must have felt watching as He was tortured and cruxified. It reaches the depth of my soul. Merry Christmas everyone. Praise His Holy name.

  • Dave Darwin says:

    My favorite christmas song is Feliz Navidad. Because the song was from the year 1970’s and it was sang by Jose Feliciano.

    The song is very well good and it has a mixed of Spanish and English.

  • belinda says:

    Two of my favorite Christmas sons is A Baby Changes Everying Thing by faith Hill and Feliz Navida by Jose Feliciano.

    God Bless