Today’s devotional: God, the hunter

God’s mercy, tenderness, and gentleness are attributes we talk about a lot—especially at Christmas, when Jesus’ humble birth provides a perfect example of those divine traits. But today’s devotional from Words of Hope looks at a prophecy in Nahum 2 that describes a warrior’s victory over a den of lions:

…we can appreciate what Nahum was driving at. If someone has the power to enter the lion’s den, nothing else will stop him.

God is the hunter in this prophecy. The Assyrian empire is the lion. Though they believed they were safe, they would soon feel God’s spear. Who can stand up to him? Who can hide?

Some parts of the Old Testament world are hard to bring into the 21st century. God hunting and avenging evil is a difficult import. But Nahum reminds us: don’t oppose this warrior; don’t think you are beyond the reach of God. If your heart is a den where God is not welcome, invite him now. He will come there one way or another. Better as a friend than as a hunter.

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It’s good to be reminded from time to time of God’s different character attributes. His loving and merciful nature is matched by power and majesty sufficient to create the entire world. Most of us can testify to God’s love and mercy in our lives; have you also seen evidence of his power and might?

One Response to “Today’s devotional: God, the hunter”

  • Alex Betts says:

    I have seen God’s power in my life many times. Especially the power to transform lives and repair what i considered to be unrepairable. He has shown me tyhat He can always deliver above and beyond our wildest dreams. We place limits on and limitless God. We put Him in a box and feel that we know him and He is so much more. I’ve learned that when i pray at times I fail to realize that God can do anything at any time. It is only for me to believe and allow Him to do the rest.