Helping the Haiti relief effort

Like millions of others around the world, I’m finding it hard to focus on mundane matters this week while news of the Haiti tragedy continues to unfold. I thought it might be helpful to post a few related links for anyone who is wondering how to help:

  • Mission Network News continues to post updates about relief efforts in Haiti. A remarkable number of different relief and other Christian organizations are hard at work trying to help.
  • If you’re wondering how to help, the White House has posted information about ways you can contribute to relief efforts. (You might also look into supporting some of the organizations mentioned in the MNN articles linked above.)
  • Christianity Today has a roundup of Christian organizations—many of them political in nature—that are putting aside their political agendas to focus on helping in Haiti.
  • TIME also has a list of organizations at work in Haiti that would benefit from your generosity.
  • If you know of other organizations working in Haiti that could use some help, please list them in the comments below. And please continue to pray for relief effort in Haiti, and consider how you might be able to help!

    2 Responses to “Helping the Haiti relief effort”

    • Thomas says:

      We have supported this orgainzation for some years with work in The Dominican Republic and other areas. They have highly qualified personnel now in the field in Haiti. I am certain any financial assistance will be welcomed with warm and thankful hearts.

      Manna Global Ministries

    • Les Noll says:

      I work with an organization Gospel Crusade Canada What I do is try to see if i can drum up support from various organizations and then direct the queries to those in charge this way it frees up those who are in charge so they can have time to do their jobs Gospel crusade has been working in Haiti for 58 yrs so I Know that what I do will certainly be handled properly If anyone can donate equipment like portable gen sets concrete breakers or even loan a crusher It would be appreciated Plus graders bulldozers bobcats etc.Even if these machines need repairs sometimes we can find mechanics to put them back together and get a second time around