How has your church addressed the Haiti disaster?

In the days immediately following the Haiti earthquake, there was much discussion of ways that we could help the rescue and rebuilding efforts. Many Christian ministries and organizations, some of them already at work in Haiti, stepped forward with plans to help.

I’m interested to hear how your own church responding to the Haiti crisis. Did your pastor address it (and the always-difficult question of “how could God let this happen?”) in a sermon? Did your church donate funds, collect supplies, or otherwise get involved with any relief efforts? Are you satisfied with the way your community responded?

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11 Responses to “How has your church addressed the Haiti disaster?”

  • Wildogg says:

    Yes, my pastor talked about did God let this happened. The church took up a love offering and sent it to a missionary who was in Haiti. We also had a fire chaplin inside the church who has just left to be with a medical team. Yes

    • My church Shiloah Baptist gave 1,700.00; plus were sending care packiages now through April. Praise God for whom all blessings flow most definatly!!!! Thank our almight healer and provider all ways for his faithfulness, love, grace, mercy, to us that we deserve not.

      love and prayers from
      Pastor Ronald Webb and my Church family Shiloah Baptist Church.

  • Marie E. Jean-Francois says:

    I just want to thank everyone who helps us from the bottom of my heart, may God continues his blessing upon them. My church is going on a mission on Monday Feb 8th. As an Haitian I am asking all churchs to come together to pray for Haiti because we need prayers badly. We are planing to have a 3 days praying and fasting (12, 13, and 14). Can you please pray & fast with us. May God bless.
    Marie E.

  • Marc E Lauture says:

    The people at my church has been praying for the Haitian. Thank you very much for all your prayers and your support. God Bless Haiti.


  • d lyles says:

    Our church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We were told they were on the ground before the earthquake (in churches) and our emergency relief CAMA had supplies to those churches early on. Our church gave $2400 the first Sunday after the earthquake above our average tithe and giving.

  • marisol says:

    Our church is part of catoliek, and they collect for Haiti.
    Also our church pray for Haiti.

  • Lorenzo A Flores says:

    Goodmorning brothers and sisters. I am a member of a wonderful and powerful church in Central Florida, Kingdom Life International. We as a church we got together and collected donations, and still are for the nation of Haiti. We also had a prophetic encounter where we stood in the gap by praying and crying out to our heavenly Father to restore Haiti.We are believing in God that Haiti belongs to Jesus.

  • Angie says:

    Our church held a bake-sale on the following Sunday and collected donations. Our pastor addressed it. He talked about the Tsunami in Indonesia.. and how it was devastating.. but it also made a very closed country open to Christian missionaries to do relief work.. and how this may be a great opportunity for Christian missionaries to go into Haiti.

  • Shekinah Johnson says:

    I attend Bethlehem Family Outreach Ministries in stuart, florida! and because we have a few people that attend our church that is from Haiti!! So my pastor Dr. Weaver spoke about God’s love and His judgement, and how its not our place as christian’s to judge haiti because of their obvious sins, but it is our place as christians to show a Godly love to them in this hard timing and to keep them lifted up in prayer constantly. But my church got together, and we had a disaster relief program, and we block off the whole block, and we had people to come and donate things for haiti, we had over 700lbs of food, clothes and different supplies. we are still accepting donations for haiti as well. be blessed

  • vicki says:

    My church took a collection and sent it to an established mission outside of Port-au-Prince where much medical relief was taking place. We are also sending a medical team and a construction team.

    My children’s school collected food and clothing which was delivered by Shoes2Share.

  • wcwimbush says:

    Discussed how God did not do this although he may have let it happen, the world has been ignoring Haiti’s plight for years and would continued doing so. God may have let this happen just so finally Haiti would get the help it has been needing for so long. We also sent a donation to help them recover.