Today’s devotional: the God of today

One of the most intriguing moments in the story of the Exodus is when God identifies himself to Moses as “I AM.” Much ink has been spilled on the significance of this name. While there is certainly much to be gleaned from God’s choice of names in this passage, this devotional from Words of Hope suggests a simple lesson to draw:

Some people have suggested that this name is not meant to be cryptic but serves as a reminder to live in the present. Jesus told us that being anxious about tomorrow is futile, since tomorrow has enough worries of its own. […]

God continues to stress the importance of living in the present because doing so displays our complete trust in him as our provider. When you say “give us this day,” trust God enough to not need to know exactly what tomorrow holds. When you awake each morning, believe that you will have all you need to make it through that particular day.

Christians spend a lot of time praying and pondering God’s will and future plans for us. But have you also learned to listen for God’s guidance right now, today? God promises to lead us not only into the unknown future, but through our daily trials and struggles. Do you trust God to provide for you today?

2 Responses to “Today’s devotional: the God of today”

  • One way to focus on the God of today is to VERY REGULARLY Acknowledge and Praise The Almighty for grace, goodness, mercies and miracles that occur every day in our lives. We are so good at praying for others and ourselves, but how much time do we spend thanking Him when He does answer those prayers.How encouraging for new believers and weak Christians to see and enderstand that God is just as active today as ever! Knowing what God has done in the past certainly helps us recognize what He is doing today. We really do need to balance our worship services with the God of today.

  • Dan Boutwell says:

    Our God still directs lives each and every day. God has not left anyone by themself. We may walk away from God, but God never walks away from us. We may go through trials, but God never puts any test to us that we are not able to bear because God is always present. Trials will come to each and every one of us; but with God’s help we are to be overcomers. Woe unto the people who let themselves be used by Satan to be instruments to attack Christains.

    My daughter was 30 years old before she met a fine young man through E-Harmony. My daughter was getting desperare, but she held on. God still answers prayer in His time. I now have a fine son-in-law and God is still working in my entire family.

    My family is still being guided daily by God. I try to plan too much for the future on my thinking; but I have found out that God answers wonderfully in His own time.