Today’s Devotional: Is environmentalism based on pantheism?

Do you ever find it hard to care for the environment because of who else cares about it?

Unfortunately, environmentalism is often packaged alongside New Age and other pantheistic belief systems. It sometimes feels like signing up to care for Creation also means you have to think, act and vote a certain way as well.

Today’s devotional from Wonder of Creation attempts to give Christians a thorough answer to the question of whether or not environmentalism is actually rooted in pantheistic ideas:

Christians should be able to demonstrate to those who have fallen into neo-paganism and pantheism that the Christian faith provides ample support for creation stewardship. Fundamentally, Christians should care because earth stewardship is our responsibility of service to God (Genesis 2:15).

Many believers who are outspoken advocates of creation care—good earthkeeping—have had significant opportunities to reach non-Christians with the truth of the Gospel—providing them with the fundamental reason for environmental concern: respect for and obedience to the One who created the earth. Many so-called earth worshipers might be drawn to the message of the Gospel if more believers lived out the meaning of the Gospel in all its aspects—including respect and care for the Creator’s handiwork

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Have you ever considered creation care as a way to present the Gospel?

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