Why should you do daily devotions?

Over the last months, we’ve posted dozens of different devotionals from around the web; hopefully you’ve found them inspiring and maybe even bookmarked a few for your daily reading.

But today, we thought it would be useful to back up and ask a more basic question about Christian devotional practice: Is devotional time important for Christians?

Most Christians would probably answer an instinctive “yes” to that question; but exactly why is it important to spend time in personal devotions? DiscipleshipTools.org has put together an excellent series of short essays that explain the basics of Christian devotions. It begins with a look at how to do devotions and goes on to explain why devotions are important and what spiritual benefits result from doing devotions.

If you’ve never tried “doing devotions,” or if you’ve drifted out of the habit of spending time in prayer and reflection each day, take a look at these articles. And if you’ve got any tips or suggestions for making the most out of your devotional time, share them in the comments below!

5 Responses to “Why should you do daily devotions?”

  • Fabrizio says:

    Talk with God is essencial for a Christian. Its something every Christian have to do everyday, every time he could. Daily devotion is a time you can stay with God and talk with Him. It is a secure time for you to talk about His plans and your plans, and to remember His constant love.

  • Understanding that devotional time is my time to spend in conversation with God help drive me to be more intentional about it. It’s one thing to spend time with God in a figurative sense, but it’s another to speak directly to God and to have Him speak directly to you. That’s what happens when you prayerfully read the Word. It’s investing in your relationship with God. What investment has a better payoff?!

  • lucresia gardner says:

    Daily Devotion is my cup of coffee in the morning. it wakes me up , it gets me started on my way for the day. it keeps me in constant reminder that i serve a risen savior. Without the daily devotions i feel iam not compeletly dressed. like i forgot to put on my shoes or forgot an article of clothing. I thank God every day that he allows us to come boldly to the throne room of God. There we will find rest, peace, and comfort for our weary souls. God Bless and have a blessed day.

    • daily devotion is my wake up call in the morning.it makes me start my day brand new with confidence ,no fear about what tomorrow might bring.no matter what i will prase the Lord.

  • GODSON says:

    Morning devotion is very important,it shows humbleness to God that ones can not achieve anything in God’s absence,it shows also that God is the first of all that have to be done throughout the day…. whoever observe this come up with the positive outcomes at the end of the day….oh lord JESUS your mercy and presence are what I wish forever.