The Third Lausanne Congress kicks off tomorrow!

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization starts tomorrow! That’s an intimidating name, but the gathering (taking place in Cape Town, South Africa) is easily one of the biggest and most anticipated events in the evangelical world. Over 4,000 leaders from hundreds of countries will gather to discuss poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution, and world religions, among other topics. It runs through October 25.

If you aren’t on an airplane flight to Cape Town right now, it’s OK—you can experience much of the Congress online. All of the plenary sessions will be broadcast on the internet, and you can join in discussion with Congress participants (with automated translation to overcome the language barrier).

Take a look at the Cape Town 2010 website for a complete breakdown of the Congress and how you can participate. The Lausanne Congress Facebook and Twitter pages are also good places to get up-to-the-minute updates. If you plan to participate, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below, along with any of your reflections on the Congress once it wraps up!

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