Russian David the Shepherd Boy
Russian: Samuel anoints David the son of Jesse to be the next king of Israel. David plays the harp for King Saul. David kills the giant Goliath with a sling and a stone. Saul is jealous of David and tries to kill him. Jonathan protects David, but David has to flee for his life.

Afrikaans When God Made Everything
Afrikaans: God created the world in 6 days. He said, "Let there be light", and there was light. The evening and morning were the first day, and God saw that it was good. God created man out of the dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life. God took a rib from Adam and created Eve.

Icelandic Samuel Gods BoyServant
Icelandic: Hannah loves God, but is childless & goes to the temple to pray. Eli the priest thinks she is drunk but she is praying to God. God gives her Samuel whom she gives to serve God in the temple. God speaks to Samuel condemning Eli & his sons. The ark of God is captured. Samuel becomes judge.

Hungarian God Tests Abrahams Love
Hungarian: God asks Abraham to take Isaac his only son, & offer him as a sacrifice. Abraham takes Isaac to a mountain & prepares to obey God. God provides a lamb instead, knowing that Abraham loves Him above all else. Abraham's servant looks for a wife for Isaac & God helps him bring back Rebekah.

Hungarian Gods Promise to Abraham
Hungarian: After the Flood people started building a tower to Heaven. God changed their language from 1 to many. They left the Tower of Babel. God told Abraham to leave Ur. He took his wife Sarah and nephew Lot. God destroyed Sodom for its wickedness. Lot fled but his wife became a pillar of salt.

Estonian A Favorite Son Becomes a Slave
Estonian: Jacob has a favorite son, Joseph, & gives him a coat of many colors. Joseph has 2 dreams where his brothers bow down to him. They sell him as a slave into Egypt, though Reuben tries to save him. He works for Potiphar, but is falsely accused by Potiphar's wife & is thrown into prison.

Russian Daniel and the Lions Den
Russian: Darius is the king of Babylon. He picks Daniel as a top ruler. Wicked men plot to destroy Daniel, and make a law forbidding anyone to worship God. When Daniel prays he is thrown into a den of lions. God sends an angel to shut their mouths. The wicked men are eaten instead.

Russian Daniel and the Mystery Dream
Russian: King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream. Daniel tells him that he saw a statue with a head of gold, chest of silver, belly of bronze, legs of iron and feet of clay. This represented kingdoms. Then a stone smashed the statue, meaning the kingdom of God will rule.

Russian The Men Who Would Not Bend
Russian: Nebuchadnezzar makes a golden statue and commands everyone to bow down to it. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refuse. The king throws them into a burning fiery furnace. They come out without even the smell of smoke. The king knows they worship the true God.

Icelandic Samson Gods Strong Man
Icelandic: Samson is a Nazarite to God. The Philistines are afraid of his great strength. Delilah tricks him to reveal the source of his power. Samson's hair is cut off. He is captured & put in prison. God gives him strength one more time & he pushes 2 pillars down on himself & many Philistines.