Anne Askew | Christian History Institute
Anne Askew stands for Christ although it means being burned to death. This is another of the In Context quotations series from Christian History Institute.

Zwingli's Reformation | Christian History Institute
Ulrich Zwingli promotes 67 articles of faith before the Zurich town council, advocating Reformation, another quote in the In Context series of great quotations.

Here I Stand | Christian History Institute
A look at Martin Luther's famous words at the Council of Worms, which may not even have been spoken.

Kempis, Thomas á (ca. 1380-1471) | Christian History Institute
Thomas á Kempis wrote a famous devotional work on following Christ from which we could have extracted any number of excellent quotes. His statement is one of Christian History Institute's series of notable Christian sayings In Context.

Philipp Melanchthon (1497 – 1560) | Christian History Institute
Theologian Philipp Melanchthon responds with dry humor during the establishment of conditions of debate. This is another in Christian History Institute's ongoing series of great Christian quotes In Context.

Erasmus on Luther | Christian History Institute
Erasmus, most notable scholar of his day, assesses Luther for Frederick the Wise. From Christian History Institute's series of great Christian quotes In Context

Tyndale Vows English Bible | Christian History Institute
Describes the circumstances which caused Tyndale to utter his famous vow to translate the Bible into English. One of Christian History Institute's In Context series of Christian quotes.

Module 112: Patrick of Ireland's "Confessions" | Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's study module to accompany St Patrick’s autobiographical Confession.

Module 307: Calvin on Sovereignty of God | Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's study module to accompany The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin.

The Road to Nicea | Christian History Institute
Arianism and why the 1st Ecumenical Church Council at Nicea was needed, by John Anthony Mcguckin from Christian History Magazine.

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