Life and Religion Are One | Christian History Institute
Rolland Hein tells the story of influential George MacDonald, Scottish preacher, novelist and example for later fantasists such as C.S. Lewis. From Christian History Magazine.

Jesus Was Her Guru | Christian History Institute
The story of the life, intellect, sufferings, and social work of Ramabai, an amazing woman from India, by Keith J. White in Christian History Magazine.

Hearts in Training | Christian History Institute
Doris T. Myers takes a brief walk through the fiction writings of Christian apologist C.S. Lewis; from Christian History Magazine.

A Pen in God's Hand | Christian History Institute
Paul C. Lim's look at Richard Baxter, sixteenth-century evangelical author and preacher; from Christian History Magazine.

The Man Who Gave the Bible to the Burmese | Christian History Institute
Account of the life and sufferings of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma by Richard V. Pierard from Christian History Magazine

Larger than Life | Christian History Institute
Life of sculptor/artist Michelangelo by Laurel Gasque from Christian History Magazine.

America's Hour Has Struck | Christian History Institute
Garth M. Rosell covers Harold Ockenga and Fundamentalism in the pages of Christian History Magazine.

The Blessing of Benedict
Article on monastic founder Benedict of Nursia by Carmen Acevedo Butcher from Christian History Magazine.

The Starving Body of Christ
Article by Bradley Nassif from the pages of Christian History Magazine on John Chrysostom's rebuke of those who neglected the poor.

To the Glory of God Alone
The life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach as described in the pages of Christian History Magazine by Calvin R. Stapert.

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