Isn't religion an invention of people just to meet their psychological needs? - Faith Fact
According to Jesus, the rich are poor; the up are down; the down are up; the self-righteous are sinners; the sinners are forgiven. The last are first and the first are last. This kind of talk is not what one would expect to draw throngs of people to meet their psychological needs! Read more...

Why do you believe in moral absolutes? - Faith Facts
The idea of NO absolutes is often expressed today with the word tolerance. Tolerance, in today's usage, proposes that all ideas are morally equivalent—that truth is relative. The Bible makes it very clear that God sets moral laws—the standards of right and wrong. Read more....

How can a good God allow evil and suffering? - Faith Facts
Actually, Christianity is the only religion or worldview that has an answer to evil and suffering. Eastern religions ignore evil; Darwinism and Communism rely on it; and Islam has a superficial view of it. Only Christianity provides an answer. Read more....

Isn’t religion merely cultural? - Faith Facts
Does one’s religion depend upon which culture you were raised? If you live in Pakistan, you would you probably be Muslim. If you happened to be raised in Israel, you would probably be Jewish. Faith Facts submits that the truth of God is true no matter in what culture you were raised.

Is Jesus really God? - Faith Facts
Most people readily admit to Jesus' status as a great moral teacher. We submit that it is inconsistent to admit to Jesus' stature as a great teacher and not believe what he taught. Jesus taught His own deity. He claimed to be God and proved it through His resurrection. Read more....

Is the Bible really "God's Word?" - Faith Facts
The historic Christian church's faith in the infallibility of Scripture (in the original manuscripts) is established on the basis of Christ's view of Scripture. Look at 10 tests that logically show that the Bible is from God and more....

Are Christians "Anti-Science?" - Faith Facts
Not at all. Christianity views God as rational and trustworthy, which implies that His creation is rational and orderly and thus can be examined. Read more...

Is Christianity based on blind faith? - Faith Facts
Blind faith is faith without evidence, which would be superstition. The Bible does not call us to blind faith. The Bible calls us to faith in evidence. We submit that various truth claims, including Christianity, should be evaluated on the evidence. Stand by to be challenged!

Islam and Christianity - Faith Facts
Explore what the SOURCE documents say concerning these two major world religions, Christianity and Islam. That is, we will explore and compare the Bible and the Quran, plus the written traditions of Islam.

Faith Facts: Using reason and evidence to promote Biblical Christianity
Is there such a thing as absolute truth? What about evolution and world religions such as Islam? What is our purpose in life? How do we get to heaven? Get answers using reason and evidence to examine religion.