Teaching: Planning Long-Range by Determining Your Main Areas of Impact
This plan gives you a way to organize your teaching and training by dividing everything you want to instill in your students into seven Growth Zones. A great strategy to help you develop a long-range plan and make everything you do have a purpose.


Teaching Students: Writing a Long-Range Teaching Plan
You probably have about a seven year window of opportunity to teach your students. What will you teach them during those years? This plan shows you how one youth minister thinks past next week's lesson to get the big picture.


Teaching: Planning Effective Talks
Popular speaker Barry St. Clair lays out a strategy for planning and delivering powerful messages at youth events.


Teaching: Personal Preparation to Speak (Part 2)
Top Speaker Ken Davis gives four musts for effective communication and teaching, including practicing what we preach, being ourselves, a commitment to glorifying God, and a commitment to excellence.


Teaching: Personal Preparation to Speak (Part 1)
Master communicator Ken Davis exhorts us about the importance of our message, challenges us to know our audience and helps us to see the teaching methods that works.


Creating an Idea-Driven Youth Ministry Culture
Too many youth ministers miss out on an incredible source of youth ministry wisdom and ideas - their own volunteers and youth. Not only can their ideas revolutionize our ministries, but by taking them seriously we take their leadership to a new level.


Leadership: Developing Students as Leaders
This guy staffs his camp with student leaders from middle school.


Motivating Kids
Hints on getting kids involved and taking ownership of ministry.


Training Student Leadership: Professional Youth Ministry Report (Part 6)
Student Leadership: How to evaluate your ministry's effectiveness in building student leadership.


Training Student Leadership: Professional Youth Ministry Report (Part 5)
Student Leadership: Six principles for transitioning youth into leadership, from a global perspective.