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When You're Tired of a Small, Small World - #3345
God's been waiting for you to get tired of your small, small world - so tired that you would fall on your knees before Him and trust Him to make your life so much bigger - bigger than you ever thought it could be.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - All Accelerator, No Brakes - #8163
...sometimes I’m the runaway truck. You know, all accelerator and no brakes. And I don’t think I’m alone. It’s a problem with a lot of us fast-moving, make-it-happen people. We get going so fast that we lose our brakes.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What You Bring in the Door - #5644
In many ways you set a tone when you walk in the door and you'll probably have to live with that tone for hours to come. After a stressful day it's just human nature to walk in with a pretty self-focused mind set, carrying the garbage of the day, which we then proceed to dump all over our loved ones! But, wouldn't you like to put your name in our word for today? "________ returned home to bless his or her family."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Glimpses of Daddy - #4468
Your daily God-sightings become the core of your praises to Him, and they build your confidence and they remind your heart that, no matter how things look, your Father is all over your life. Your Father is in control.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Going too Fast to Turn - #4469
We are speeding ahead with our great idea, our great plan, and we blow right past our divine Leader. God's telling us to turn, and we're going too fast to make the turn or maybe even hear His voice. So we end up on the wrong road or ahead of God and His perfect timing. All because we didn't inquire of the Lord, and we didn't slow down long enough to see what God wanted, where God wanted us to be. So often we start out headed down a road that the Lord wants us on, but then He makes a turn while we're still speeding in the direction He was going.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Getting Up Close and Personal - #4215
Even babies seem to know that there's something about touching a person's face that is especially intimate. Psychologists tell us that they're right, and that even in romantic affection, touching the face is one of the most meaningful levels of physical intimacy. It's no wonder babies know to seek our face.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Unpacking Before You Get Home - #5048
You don't carry it all in the door with you. You kind of unpack all the people of your day and, as they say, focus on the family. Leave your work at work and get ready to be with your family - not just around your family, but with your family.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How to be a Hero Where it Counts - #5072
You don't hammer them all the time with what's wrong with them. Believe me, they already know. What they need from their father is consistent praise for what's good about them; their personal strengths, their personal abilities, their positive qualities. If you can't see them, they never will. And a Dad who raises a child who feels like they're never good enough is no hero at all.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How to Win When You've Been Losing - #5344
It's amazing what a difference the right coach can make - maybe even for you right now. It's seemed like a losing season, and you're getting discouraged and depleted. But maybe a new season begins when you get a new coach. So many times, our losing seasons are when we're coaching our life - doing it our way, doing it the same old way, doing it the easy way, but not necessarily doing it God's way.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Shock Therapy - #5572
Not all shocks are electrical are they? People around us are getting shocked every day by bad news they've just received, by bad treatment, by unexpected developments, by a death, or a failure, or by pain in a relationship. And not all hugs are two arms around a person - although that kind of hug is great. But a hug can be a word of encouragement, or an offer to help, a gift, a compliment, a place to rest and recover. It's practical love when someone has really been hit hard.