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The Purpose of Thanksgiving
“For the Christian, every day is Thanksgiving Day.” — Billy Graham Consider the word “Thanksgiving”, and invariably images of family gatherings come to mind. Such gatherings with turkey dinners, pumpkin pies, fall decorations, football, and tryptophan grogginess are all too common in American homes. This may be what Thanksgiving has become but it is not the […]


Bible Verses About Children
What are some of the key Bible verses about children? Children are the reward of one’s youth. Happy, or blessed, is the man who has a quiver full of them. We hear statements like this nearly every father’s day among the many Bible verses about children. But what does it mean? And, how much is a […]


The Puzzling Faith of Abraham Lincoln | Christian History Institute
Where was God in this brutal national war? An unbaptized non-churchgoer came up with a profound answer. From christian history magazine.


Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln established the official national holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863 with this passionate plea for a national acknowledgment of God's blessings.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Obama, Lincoln, and God - #9189 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
It’s a very small club–only 43 times has a man become the President of the United States…and now 44. No matter their political differences, there’s a strange bond between these men who have borne these unique burdens. And there’s one President whose life many of them turn to for guidance, including President Obama. That man is, of course, Abraham Lincoln. We all have a lot to learn from him.