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Escaping the "Westernization" of the Gospel
Much of the culture and theology of modern Christianity has been shaped heavily by Western...

An Atheist Looks at Africa quietly launched a new blog on their site last month. They produce small group Bible...

Exporting the Prosperity Gospel
A few days ago, Out of Ur pointed to this video on the prosperity Gospel produced by The Global...

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Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on West and Central Africa: 520 Least-Reached People Groups
In West Africa, you will find voodoo, fetishes, ancestor worship and idolatry. But most of the least-reached peoples are adherents to Islam.

Lausanne World Pulse - An Overview of Middle and West Africa
Despite the challenges of AIDS, poverty, corruption and wars, Middle and Western Africa have been, and are being, impacted by Christianity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Kingdom Advance in Gambia: A Veteran’s Perspective
Modou Sanneh, head pastor of the Reformed Evangelical Church in Gambia, talks about advancing the Kingdom of God in that nation.

Lausanne World Pulse - The Big Deal About Little Gambia
Gambia, a small country in West Africa with a population of 1.4 million people, had its early contacts with the gospel as far back as two hundred years ago but virtually every tribe in Gambia can be described as unreached.

LWP- The Paradigm Is Changing: Bible Translation and the church of the Southern Continents
God has charged the Church—local, denominational, and universal—with the responsibility to translate, teach, and reach all people with the Bible.

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - Helping Hurting People Around the World—One Life
Women of God International seeks to serve African women in leadership positions through prayer, evangelism, edification, teaching, social concerns and leadership events.

I Choose Life-Africa: Turning the Tide on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic among University Students
In Kenya, HIV-prevalence, particularly among college-age students, is extremely high. I Choose Life—Africa is seeking to address this problem.

LWP - New African Enterprise Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa
On Michael Cassidy (the founder of African Enterprise) and the new Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa...

Lausanne World Pulse Theological Trends in Africa Implications for Missions and Evangelism
An outline of both negative and positive trends in the African Church.

Imitation in Cross-Cultural Mission: Discussions in an African Context
There is a desperate need for Western missionaries who can be accurately persuaded to be vulnerable enough to imitate African people, so as to acquire something of their presuppositional foundation, and in turn, be able to present the true gospel.